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Tuition & Fees

Tuition Policy

Because LUA is a private school, the only means of financing the school's operations are through tuition and fees, donations, and fundraising activities. Tuition and fees cover the cost of textbooks, instructional materials, staffing, as well as general operations.

The tuition rate for PK-8th is $6,250 per year, $6,000 for the second child and $5,750 for the third child. (Actual cost per year to educate a student is $12,000, which is why LUA depends so heavily on donations and community support.)

Other Fees

New Students (due at the time of registration):


1.    Material Fee: a yearly advance payment fee = $250.00 (not refundable after 1st day of school): this covers technology cost, administrative work and supplies used in the classroom.

2.    Application Fee: a one-time fee for new applicants only = $30.00

3.    Enrollment Fee: a one-time fee for new applicants only = $70.00


Returning Students:

1.    Material Fee: Due by June 1st. After June, a late fee of $100 will be applied for a total of $350.


All Students:

1.    Other fees may be requested throughout the year for school agendas, special class projects, art supplies, field trips, or school-wide functions.


Payments & Payment Schedules

​Payments will be set up and made through the tuition processing system TUIO. You will have the option to pay the invoices via credit card or direct debit (bank account withdrawals, also called ACH (Automated Clearing House payment). The credit card option will be offered with a service fee of $.075 + 3.5% 

Tuition payments will be due according to the following schedule:

One payment plan: Due 8/1/2023

Two payment plan: Due 8/1/23 & 1/1/2024

Ten payment plan: Due the 1st of each month beginning 8/1/2023 and ending 5/1/2024


Completion of registration form does NOT guarantee admission. 

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