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Accreditation of LUA 

"... And my guidance 'Tawfiq' cannot come except from Allah..." (Surah Hud 11:88)

In June 2018, LUA has been granted another 5-year accreditation status through 2023 by the Accrediting Commission for AdvancEd and by CISNA.  This is LUA's third AdvancEd accreditation (2008, 2013, 2018) and the second CISNA accreditation (2013, 2018)

What is AdvancEd?

AdvancED is the largest community of education professionals in the world. AdvancED a non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts rigorous, on-site reviews of a variety of educational institutions and systems to ensure that all learners realize their full potential. While AdvancED expertise is grounded in more than a hundred years of work in school accreditation, AdvancED is far from a typical accrediting agency.  Its goal isn’t to certify that educational institutions are good enough. Rather, its commitment is to help these institutions continuously improve.

What is CISNA?

In 1989, an educational symposium, organized and hosted by the Islamic Society of North America, gathered Muslim educators, community members, and representatives from many Islamic institutions throughout North America. Discussions resulted in the appointment of a seven member ad hoc committee to serve as the architects of a mechanism for cooperation and communication among full-time Islamic schools throughout the continent. This committee included representatives from various US geographical regions and Canada. By November of 1991, as a result of the committee’s efforts, the first full-time Islamic School general assembly meeting was held in Detroit, Michigan. Approximately 45 full-time Islamic schools were represented, a constitution was ratified, and CISNA was formed.

Why is accreditation important?

The accreditation process validates the integrity of a school’s program and student transcripts. Accreditation fosters excellence and ongoing improvement in public and private schools. The accreditation process assures a school community that the school’s purposes are appropriate and being accomplished through a viable educational program. Accreditation helps a school to establish its priority areas for improvement.

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