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​Academics - Learning Goals


Textbooks/Tests: New Fusion, Math in Focus, Saxon, IOWA (Iowa Test of Basic Skills


Electives: Computer science, art and PE (Physical Education)  

Hosted Programs: Duke Tip (Talent Identification Program) and annual STEM Night (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)


Academic -Supplemental: IXL (for Language Arts & Math), Quizlet Online (an Islamic Studies tool), BrainPop, Writing Without Tears (for PK students) and Scholastic Reading Series  


For many years LUA has consistently competed and won top positions in District, Regional and State Science Fair, Geography Bee and Spelling Bee.

Learning Goals

  • Guiding students to engage in ethical decision-making and applying Islamic principles in their daily lives;​

  • Providing students with a challenging program, high academic standards, and a positive climate conducive to learning; Incorporate critical thinking, analytical reasoning, effective communication, and problem solving skills;​

  • Inspiring students to hold high expectations of themselves for academic achievement, personal growth, and development;  ​​

  • Enhancing the students’ understanding of the Qur’an through instruction in the Arabic language;

  • ​Helping students to build positive character and to acquire essential life-skills to enable them to succeed and to become contributing citizens of a global community;​

  • Instilling in student’s universal values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and self-discipline and encouraging them to demonstrate these values through their actions;​

  • Inspiring students to become God-Conscious leaders guided by justice, supported by ethics, empowered by knowledge, and driven by logic;​

  • Incorporating critical thinking, analytical reasoning, effective communication and problem solving skills in a student-centered environment;​

  • Creating an active learning environment in which experimentation, exploration, intellectual curiosity, and self-discovery are encouraged; ​​

  • Creating a nurturing learning environment in which students are valued as unique individuals and their special gifts are discovered and nurtured to optimum potential;​

  • Nurturing the development of social skills by encouraging self-expression, discussion and healthy interaction with peers and adults in a safe environment;​

  • Emphasizing to students that social responsibility and justice must be balanced by the desire for personal rights and ambitions;​

  • ​Promoting in student’s high self-esteem through academic achievement and a positive self-concept;

  • Instilling in students a lifelong love of learning by applying a stimulating, hands-on curriculum; and  ​

  • Establish through our diverse student body an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, and appreciation within the school and larger community

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