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School Uniform

It is the policy that all LUA students wear the uniform, in its entirety, each day, unless special permission is given to not wear it. Uniform may be purchased online at When ordering online, use the school code QS5RCYN. Also, they can be purchased at Sears, Gap, Gymboree, Target and Meijers. All hijabs worn by students must be white, light or dark blue “al-amira” (2 piece cotton) hijabs.  No patterned hijabs or pinned hijabs are permitted.


The uniform attire for each grade is as follows: 

  • PK- 4th:  

    • Light blue polo shirt and navy blue or dress pants.  Optional for girls:  long skirts or jumpers, accompanied by tights.  No bare legs under skirts or jumpers are permitted. 

  • 5th-8th grade:  

    • Boys -white polo shirt with tan khaki pants or navy blue pants.  They may also wear navy blue polo shirts with tan khaki pants.  

    • Girls: Navy shirt (must be purchased from the school) with tan khaki pants. Solid black Abayas may be worn on top of uniform.

Outerwear for all students:  Solid Navy blue or black French Toast sweaters, cardigans, light jackets, or vests.  

Shoes for all students:  rubber soled shoes.  No heels or sandals are permitted.

Students may wear a shirt under long sleeve polo shirts for warmth; however, any garments worn under the uniform must not show and must be tucked in.  No Shirts may be layered under short-sleeve polo shirts.  

Hijab:  Beginning in 5th grade, hijabs are required. All other students should bring one for Salat if they do not wear one. All hijabs must be white, light or dark blue “princess” (Al-Amira) 2 piece, cotton hijabs.  

Boys Hair: Students should not have any extreme haircuts.  No half-shaven designs or layered haircuts. Hair should not extend below the eyebrows or ears. 

Children not in proper uniform will be given a warning for 1st offense and parents will be called to pick up the child or bring a change of clothes for the 2nd offense.  Please send your child properly dressed in uniform daily.

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