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Admission Policies

LUA was established to provide an educational opportunity primarily to children of Muslim families residing in the Lexington and Central Kentucky area who wish to study Islam and the Arabic Language in a supportive environment.
While education is provided from an Islamic perspective, children of any religion may be admitted. Islamic religious education for Non-Muslim students is optional.
Minimum standards for admission to each grade shall be applied to all student applicants. LUA is not yet equipped or staffed to provide services for students who have special needs or require special educational methods or systems.
We reserve the right to deny admission to any child whose needs we do not have the ability and/or resources to meet, or whose parents are motivated by concerns not consistent with the goals or policies of LUA. If this is determined, parents will be requested to place the child in a school elsewhere, or will be denied admission.
Any students experiencing extreme learning difficulties, very poor attendance, or serious behavioral problems will not be allowed to continue in the school. New students will be on probation for their first 60 days. Enrollment is not considered final until previous school records are received and reviewed.
LUA respects the dignity of the students as well as the student’s right to an education in an Islamic School. It is operated on a non-discriminatory basis due to race, religion, color or national origin.

Registration Procedures

Early registration for new and returning students takes place near the end of each year. New students may also be accepted for admission during the first 2 weeks of the school year, if class size permits.
Any applicant interested in registering at LUA may contact the school to receive an application and to inquire about open registration times.
Any applications for registration will be submitted to the LUA office along with the required fees.
Acceptance priority will be given to children currently enrolled in LUA; second to siblings of children already enrolled; then to any other interested parties.
The school will review all materials and documents submitted by applicants wishing to attend LUA and make recommendations for admission to the Principal/Administrator who will make the final admission decision.

Documents Needed

An Application for Admission Form to LUA office will not be complete unless accompanied by the following (all forms can be downloaded from here):

  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate or passport documentation verifying age.
  • Transcripts and School Records - Official transcripts and school records for each year of attendance at another school.
    It is assumed that report cards/school records will indicate the student’s level of achievement, successful completion of previous grades, and ranking on nationally administered standardized achievement tests, if taken.
  • Social Security card.
  • Proof of custody if not living with both natural parents.
  • Complete address of previous school.

Minimum Age Requirements

  • Kindergarten: Students must be five years old by October 1st in order to be admitted to the Kindergarten Program.
  • First Grade: A child must turn six years old by October 1st of the school year in which admittance is requested.
  • Other Grades: The usual and customary age for each grade level is considered. Also, LUA does not allow for double promotion at any grade level. However, it is the school’s policy to challenge the child to reach their highest potential.


Students presently enrolled in LUA are given first opportunity to re-enroll for the next school year. Re-enrollment is not automatic. These students must be registered at the office during open enrollment and all fees must be paid for registration to be completed.
A $250.00 re-enrollment materials fee is required of each re-enrolling student. This fee is required to reserve a place for the student in the school and is applied towards the materials fee for the coming school year. This fee is non-refundable after the first day of school. Late fees of $100 will apply for all re-enrollments after May 30th.


Tuition Policy

Because LUA is a private school, the only means of financing the school's operations is through tuition and fees, donations, and fundraising activities. Tuition and fees cover the cost of textbooks, instructional materials, staffing, as well as general operations.

The tuition rate for kg-8th is $5,250 per year, $5,000 for the second child and $4,750 for the third child. (Actual cost per year to educate a student is $7,000, which is why LUA depends so heavily on donations and community support.) 

Other Fees

New Students (due at the time of registration):
  1. Material Fee: a yearly advance payment fee = $250.00 (not refundable after 1st day of school)
  2. Application Fee: a one-time fee for new applicants only = $30.00
  3. Enrollment Fee: a one-time fee for new applicants only = $70.00
Returning Students:
  1. Material Fee: By the end of May $250. After May, a late fee of $100 will be applied for a total of $350.
All Students:
  1. Iowa test of Basic Skills (ITBS), GMADE and GRADE standardized tests fee all grades = $75.00 (due in the fall).
  2. Other fees may be requested throughout the year for school agendas, special class projects, art supplies, field trips, or school-wide functions.

Payment Schedules

  • Option 1: Payment in Full due by the first day of school
  • Option 2: 10 installments due the 1st of each month starting in August and ending in May. (Schedule will be posted)

All financial obligations must be settled before a student will be admitted to any succeeding semester. Before enrollment for a succeeding school year can be completed, a signed Financial Contract must be on file in the Business Office.

Tuition accounts must be paid in full by May 15th regardless of any deferred payment arrangement.
Amounts may be paid with a personal check, cashier’s check, money order, online through PayPal, through automatic bank withdrawals or cash.

Payments are to be paid by mail or pay in person to office manager at the school office during school hours. If paying by cash and a receipt is desired, cash must be presented to the office staff. Cash will be counted and a receipt provided.


Please do not hand your tuition payment to school staff during dismissal or arrival. School staff cannot be responsible for this.

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