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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)


  • To provide community and individual resources available to assist and support the administration and teachers in meeting educational needs of the students in ways to the school and PTO determine beneficial.

  • To promote communications between the school, parents, guardians, and community; particularly to better inform individuals on matters relating to the school and educational needs of the students.

  • The organization shall concern itself with matters of general interest encompassing policies, procedures and assistance to the school system.

  • To create extra-curricular activities that provide a physically competitive and/or an educational atmosphere in which the school and PTO determine beneficial.

  • This organization shall be non-profit

  • No part of the organization monies shall go to any individual member for services rendered as an officer. In the event the organization is dissolved, the assets will be turned over to the LUA.

For more information on PTO, download PTO Bylaws

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