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Field Trip Rules/Regulations

Rules And Regulations For LUA Field Trips

  1. All school activities, including field trips, are subject to approval from the Principal.

  2. The Principal, or his designee, is responsible for planning and implementing the field trips.

  3. All drivers, and/or the cars that are driven must show proof of driver’s license and insurance for each field trip.
    Copies will be made and kept on file in the office.

  4. All rules and regulations of the State Department of Transportation must be obeyed at all times (i.e. speed limit and use of seat belts).

  5. If there is more than one vehicle, there must be a lead vehicle and no one is to pass the lead vehicle.

  6. All students must be in the back seat, wearing seatbelts, and away from air bags.

  7. No compensation will be given to the volunteer drivers and they will be responsible for their own expenses unless otherwise pre-approved.

  8. All volunteers must be approved by the Principal or his designee.

  9. Safety is everyone’s job and responsibility. A seatbelt is required for both adults and children.

  10. Every child must submit a signed permission slip prior to going on the field trip.

  11. The children’s behavior represents the school and Islam. Misbehavior is subject to detention or up to 1 to 3 days suspension.

  12. Only teachers and the Principal have disciplinary authority over the students on field trips.